Duplex Simplex at Bhubaneswar Odisha


Welcome to Lorenzo where you live the way always wanted to. It's time to break away from that monotonous template you’ve been living till now. You work so hard to earn that perfect moment of living the dream of owning a Home simplex or duplex, but all you find are illusionary propositions all around. It's time now to free yourself from the shackles of living somebody else's life.

BROOKSON INFRASTRUCTURE the Real Estate Company in Bhubaneswar Odisha is elated to present Lorenzo....the perfect concept of homes Duplex and Simplex where you live in the lap of nature.

Perhaps, that should be the only way to live… the Lorenzo way.

Located in BHAGABATIPUR, neighboring the CHANDAKA forest and the DERAS and JHUMKA reservoirs, the Lorenzo project is perhaps the most striking possibility of perfect Flats at Bhubaneswar connected to nature. Wait, that doesn’t mean it’s disconnected to the city! This Duplex or Simplex is placed at a distance of 9km from the BARAMUNDA bus stand and 7km from the nearest hospital-the SUM Hospital. Now, that is easy, right? The location is bustling with various other housing projects, making it a well facilitated locality with shops, services, bus stops, etc.

The architecture involved stands for innovation in the housing scenario. The project is basically an apartment building, but heavily borrows from the row housing concept. The result, an intelligent matrix of two BHK and one BHK flats, maximizes the advantages of both the apartment and row housing concepts. In other words, the project is low rise structure that is highly affordable and involves a shortened period of construction but at the same time, the space utilization is also to the maximum.


  • Bhubaneswar Railway Station - 15 km.
  • Baramunda Bus Stand - 10 km.
  • Medical - 7 km.
  • Airport - 15 km.
  • Residential School - 1 km.


  • 1st Booking Amount 5 lacs
  • 2nd within 60 days of Booking - 20% of Total Amount
  • 3rd within 90 days of Booking - 20% of Total Amount
  • 4th within 120 days of Booking - 20% of Total Amount
  • 5th within 150 days of Booking - 10% of Total Amount
  • 6th and Final Payment of Rest Amount within 180 days of Booking

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